I'm Primidac

Core Python3 Developer, backend engineer, React Native Developer, activist and CTO at Comsotech

I love tech and work smartly to enhance and use tech to make my life and the lives of everyone around me more easier and productive.

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A little tale about me

I am Primidac, I love tech alot, I am a core python3 developer but i have used numerous programming languages for production but python just seem right for me and i have sticked with it for 6years now with no regret. I am also a cyber security engineer and most times i teach computer programing in my free time. I love passing knowledge to people. I am an activist, I fight for social change and try to make young mind grow in a way that makes our society a better place for you and I.

I love shoes alot yeah get me more of those, love the color green, it makes me connect with nature, I love the african culture not because i am an african but our culture is interesting and alot to learn from, I love reading books especially self help books and christian motivationals. I like playing alot and having fun. Programming is my hubby and i have a burning desire to use that to make Earth a better place for you and I.


What I Can Do For You

Web App Development

Build you a responsive web app with great features using modern technologies to meet your brand/industry need.


Automate everyday boring and repetitive task easily and have some extra time left in your hands to do some other cool stuffs .


It's the 21st century, everything's becoming digital, learn the act of computer programming and how to build exciting products.

Mobile App Development

Get a mobile app for your brand/industry to give your users a better user experience and boost sales and productivity.

A Listening Ear

Well everyone gets down sometimes, if you are looking for someone who would listen to you any time, I'm one click away.

Cyber Security

Security is everything, learn how to secure yourself online and also get your brand/industy secured against cyber attacks and the likes.

Well now you know a little about me and all that I have to offer

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